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Runway Rehabilitation/ RSA Project Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns and operates the County Airport?
Cuyahoga County owns the airport; its operation and maintenance is the responsibility or the Department of Public Works under the guidance of the County Executive.

When was the last Airport Master Plan and Environmental Assessment completed?
The most current Airport Master Plan was completed and accepted by the County and FAA in May of 2010. The environmental assessment for the Runway Rehabilitation/RSA improvement project was finalized in May of 2015.

What projects are currently underway?
The County is currently working on Project #1 of the Runway Rehabilitation/RSA improvement project. This project involves installation of storm drainage as well as grading of the area around the runway.

Why does the area around the runway need to be regraded?
It was determined during the RSA assessment that the areas did not meet current FAA design standards.

During the Airport Master Plan process there were 40 different alternatives, what alternative was selected?
Alternative #23 was selected as the preferred alternative.

Will the construction of Alternative # 23 require the relocation or tunneling of Richmond or Bishop Roads?
No, Alternative #23 allows for an additional 400 feet of runway to be added while keeping all Runway/RSA improvement inside the current airport property.

Will the Airport be installing the E.M.A.S. systems at the end of the runway to prevent aircraft from going off the end of the runway?
Yes, due to the proximity of both Richmond and Bishop Roads, to meet current design standards and maintain a runway length to allow current users to operate.

Does the project allow for larger aircraft to use the airport?
No, the critical design aircraft for the airport remains unchanged.

What is the cost of the project and how is it being funded?
The estimated cost of the project is $40 million which is being funded, 90% FAA, 5% ODOT, 5% local.