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Owner's Responsibilities

Where preliminary treatment of flow-equalizing facilities are provided for any waters or wastes, they shall be maintained continuously in a satisfactory and effective operation by the owner at his expense.

Any wastes prohibited by these Regulations which are discharged to the sewer system shall be brought to the attention of the responsible agency at the time it occurs. For failure to report discharges at the time they occur, a fine shall be levied for each occurrence. The amount of the fine shall be determined by appropriated agency(s).

It shall be understood that the above shall in no way relieve any individual, company or industry of any liabilities for damage to any facilities, which damage can be shown to have been caused by the wastes discharged by said individual, company or industry. All measurements, tests and analysis of the characteristics of waters and wastes to which reference is made in these Regulations shall be determined in accordance with latest edition of "Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater", published by the American Public Health Association; or Ohio Department of Health, Division of Laboratories, or the Robert A. Taft Sanitary Engineering Center, United Sates Department of Interior, or ASTM, whichever method is applicable. Any measurements, tests, or analyses not covered in the tests must be described. No statement contained in these Regulation's shall preclude other agencies from initiating additional enforcement action such as levying of additional fines and/or criminal prosecution and/or removal of sewer service.

Where such facilities are provided for the treatment, pretreatment, control or neutralization of waters or wastes, they shall be maintained continuously in a satisfactory and effective operation by the owner at his expense and shall be subject to periodic inspection by the responsible agency. The owner shall maintain operating records and shall submit to the responsible agency, in a form prescribed by the responsible agency, a monthly summary report of the character of the influent and effluent to show the performance of the treatment facilities as determined.

An approval by the responsible agency of facilities does not, in any way, guarantee that these facilities will function in the manner described by a person or company; nor shall it relieve a person or company of the responsibility of revamping, enlarging or otherwise modifying such facilities to accomplish the intended purpose.

No statement contained in these Regulations shall be construed as preventing any special agreement or arrangement between the responsible agency and any person whereby an industrial waste of unusual strength or character may be accepted by the responsible agency for treatment.