All Cuyahoga County Executive departments and agencies, with the exception of some public safety and emergency offices, will be closed Friday, December 26, 2014. Please use our contact list to check if the agency/department you are trying to reach is open on December 26.

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Facilities Management

Mission Statement

To provide all County facilities building maintenance support services and ensure a safe and well-maintained work place for County Agencies and their customers at the most reasonable cost to the taxpayers of Cuyahoga County.

Contact Person

Michael W. Dever, M.P.A.
Maintenance Administrator
(216) 348-3800 Phone
(216) 348-3896 Fax

Service Goals

  • To provide a safe, clean and secure environment for the public and all County employees by maintaining a safety and preventative maintenance program for Custodial and Trade employees.
  • To render high quality and proactive services to support customer requests and interests.
  • To improve the Cuyahoga County infrastructure through efficient and productive use of space and resources.
  • To develop and implement technological strategies to facilitate efficient maintenance, management and security of County buildings and service systems.