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Broadrock Court Sanitary Drill Drop - Parma

  • Notice to Proceed: 6/1/2015
  • Start Date: 6/13/2015
  • Completion Date: 4/1/2019
  • Project Amount: $1,915,278.25
  • This Page Last Updated On: 12/6/2018

Date:  December 6, 2018

Neron & Sons 
(216) 2467-7705        

County Project Contacts:
Darwin Merdes (216) 701-1160
Mark Rinderman (216) 701-4048

Notice to Proceed: June 1,2018
Contract Award Amount:  $1,915,278.25

Start Date: June 13, 2018
Approved Contract Increases:
$3,654.49  (De-energize CEI)
$88,634.70 (8” Sewer Stub per Parma)

Scheduled Completion Date: Spring 2019
Approved Contract Decreases:   $ 0

Anticipated Completion Date:  Spring 2019
Estimated Cost to Completion:


* DRS Enterprises has completed install of 10-inch sanitary sewer from Broadrock Court to 5+30 drop shaft on Old Rockside Road.

* Nerone and Sons has installed portion of pre-cast manhole, backfill same in 5+30 drop shaft. Currently working on placement of 8-inch sanitary stub out per request from Panama City.


One Month Look Ahead:

* Completion of placement of pre-cast manholes at Broadrock Court, and at 5+30 drop shaft.

* Completion of new 8-inch sanitary line 35 feet out of 5+30 drop shaft.

* Restoration work to repair pavements at Broadrock Court, West 9th Street weather permitting.


* West 9th Street is now open to thru traffic from Rockside Road to East Englewood. No additional closures expected.

* Pavement areas at Broadrock Court and West 9th Street to be repaired this year depending on weather conditions. If weather does not permit work will be completed in the spring.

* Tree lawn areas have been graded and seeded. Final seeding to be completed in the spring.

Maintenance of Traffic:

* Traffic will not be affected by remainder of work on this project.