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Bridge Design

Mission Statement

The Bridge Design Division of the Department of Public Works executes the County’s Capital Plan for the improvement of the County’s bridges, culverts and other structures through the effective and economic utilization of human and fiscal resources in the preparation and review of engineering reports, detailed design plans, technical specifications and construction contract documents.

Contact Person

Brendan G. Finn, P.E.
Chief Bridge Design Engineer

Phone: (216) 348-3883
FAX: (216) 348-3884


  • Maintain a robust structure improvement program addressing the needs of the County
  • Increase the average General Appraisal Rating of the County’s bridge inventory
  • Maximize available federal and state funding in order to preserve County resources
  • Allocate in-house staff economically for the timely delivery of projects for construction
  • Manage outside consultant services effectively to receive the maximum benefit
  • Pursue professional development of the engineering staff through continuing education

Duties of the Bridge Design Division include the following:

  • Select and prioritize bridges and culverts for appropriate capital improvements
  • Develop and maintain project work schedules for all Bridge Design projects
  • Prepare design reports, detail plans and technical specifications in-house
  • Review and approve reports, plans and specifications prepared by outside consultants
  • Manage in-house staff and consulting engineers to complete projects for construction
  • Maintain, update and improve the Bridge Design standards for the County
  • Provide technical support related to structural engineering to other divisions