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Construction Drawings

All Bridge Design Construction Drawings (ACAD-2008 format) (File size 493 KB .zip)

Bridge Design Construction Drawings (PDF)
Drawing Number Title Revision Date
AS-1C Reinforced Concrete Approach Slab 09/06/11
AS-2C Reinforced Concrete Approach Slab 09/06/11
BR-2-98C Aesthetic Details for Bridge Parapets 09/06/11
CP-1C Curb Plate Details 02/13/13
PRF-1C Parapet Rail and Fence Detail 02/08/12
Sample Plan Sample CCE Structural Plan Sheet 09/06/11

Highway Design Construction Drawings

All drawings are in DUAL Units (English AND Metric) except the CB-3C and CB-3CM Drawings

Highway Design Construction Drawings (PDF)
Drawing Number Title Revision Date
Index Index of Cuyahoga County Engineer Construction Drawings 06/16/11
BP-2.4C Cuy. Co. Pressure Relief Joint, Types B and D 10/10/08
BP-2.5C Structural Rigid Pavement and Joint Repairs 06/16/11
BP-2.6C Pavement Joints 10/10/08
BP-2.7C Typical Manhole Casting Pavement Blockouts 10/10/08
BP-2.8C Typical Catch Basin Casting Pavement Blockouts 10/10/08
BP-4.1C Drive and Drive Apron Pavement Compositions 05/31/10
CB-3C Catch Basin (English Units) 06/16/11
CB-3CM Catch Basin (Metric Units) 06/16/11
CB-3C S/T Catch Basin with Sump or Sump and Trap 07/07/09
CB-3C2 Twin 3C Catch Basin 06/16/11
MB-1C Monument Box and Type 1 Centerline Monument Box Assembly 06/16/11
MB-2C Type 2 Center Line Monument Box and Assembly 10/10/08
MD-1C Concrete Curb and Underdrain Details 05/31/10
MD-2C Miscellaneous Drainage Details 10/19/01
MD-3C Repair of Rigid Pavement Openings 06/16/11
MD-4C Repair of Flexible Pavement Openings 06/16/11
MD-5C Miscellaneous Drainage Details 12/07/99
MD-6C Miscellaneous Drainage Details 05/31/10
MD-7C Mail Box Facilities 10/29/01
MH-10C Cuy. Co. Manhole Castings 05/31/10
MH-11C Cuy. Co. Manhole Cover No. 37 10/29/01

Traffic Drawings

All Traffic Control Drawings (ACAD-2002 format) (File size=1007 KB)

Traffic Control Drawings (PDF)
Drawing Number Title Revision Date
Traffic Index Index of Traffic Control Details, Design Aids, and Plan Insert Sheets 11/08/13
SGN-1C Regulatory Signs 01/26/04
SGN-2C Regulatory Signs (Continued) 01/26/04
SGN-3C Construction and Maintenance Signs 01/26/04
SGN-4C Warning Signs 01/26/04
SGN-5C Warning Signs (Continued) 01/26/04
SGN-6C Guide and Information Signs, Route Markers, and Delineators 01/26/04
PST-1C Traffic Sign Post Length Details 01/26/04
MKG-1C Line Types, Lane Arrows, Pavement Symbols, and Words 01/26/04
MKG-2C Left Turn Lane Layouts and Pavement Marking Usage Notes 11/08/13
TS-1C System Timing and Analysis (General Note Sheet for Note T29) 06/06/00