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Anticipated Consultant Hires

Department of Public Works Policy on Consultant Selection

The following are the anticipated Consultant Services for 2020:
General Engineering Services (Roadway & Bridge)

 Year 2021
 Services Estimated Value

1st Quarter



RFQ- 4442 General Engineering Services (Roadway & Bridge)

3 @ $450,000.00 each




Real Estate Strategic Management Consulting Services

$ 100,000.00

General Right-of-Way Services
(Roadway & Bridge)
2  @  $ 150,000.00  each

2nd Quarter


General Architectural-Engineering Services

2 @ $450,000.00 each


3rd Quarter

  Construction Material Testing Services (Roadway & Bridge)

$ 150,000.00


Construction Management/Support, Inspection and Material Testing,
Services for Facilities

$ 150,000.00

 4th Quarter

General Sanitary Engineering Services.

2  @  $ 300,000.00  each


General Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing Architectural-Engineering Services  


@  $ 400,000.00  each


"Consultants may contact the Department of Public Works prior to advertising. Once services have been advertised please submit questions/inquires to the Contact Person identified on the RFQ Title Page."