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Future Amazon Site Perimeter Roads - Village of North Randall

  • Notice to Proceed: 4/1/2018
  • Start Date: 4/1/2018
  • Completion Date: 9/30/2018
  • Project Amount: $1,792,814.14
  • This Page Last Updated On: 10/16/2018
Contractor: Terrace Construction Company, Inc.

County Project Contacts: 
Ryan Maver   216-560-3932
Rich Orosz     216-701-4047

Approved Contract Increases: $0

Approved Contract Decreases: $0

Anticipated Completion Date:
September 2018

Estimated Cost to Completion: $1,792,814.14


October 16, 2018

Work Expected in the upcoming weeks will include:
  • Complete installation of final epoxy/thermoplastic pavement markings; Warrensville Center Road/Amazon Site Drive 1: Emery Rd./Jack Casino, Emery Rd./Northfield Rd.; Northfield Rd./Amazon Drive 6; and Northfield Rd./Miles Rd. 
  • This item will include painting new crosswalk lines to accommodate newly relocated/installed ADA ramps.  
  • New traffic Signals: The new traffic signal supports, and arms have arrived and are currently being installed at all intersections. 
  • Once completed and tested, existing signal and signals and controllers will be removed. 
  • Final clean up and punch list items to begin. 

September 10, 2018

Work Expected in the upcoming weeks will include:

  • ADA Ramps; Complete the installation of new concrete curb ramps at the following intersections: o Emery Rd./ Jack Casino, Emery Rd./ Northfield; Northfield Rd./ Amazon Drive 6 and Northfield; Miles Rd./Miles Rd.
  • Final epoxy, thermoplastic pavement markings; o Warrensville Center Rd./Amazon Site Drive 1; Emery Rd./ Jack Casino, Emery Rd./Northfield Rd; Northfield Rd/Amazon Drive 6; and Northfield Rd./ Miles Rd.
  • This item will include painting new crosswalk lines to accommodate newly relocated installed ADA ramps.
  • New Traffic Signals: Contractor is continuing to install all traffic signal hardware at the various intersections; conductor and fiber optics lines, pedestrian signal heads, push buttons, new traffic light signal heads, pull boxes and loop cameras.

June 12, 2018

Current Zone:

  • Southbound curb lane closure along Warrensville Center Road from Miles Road to Emery Road as road widening project is underway. Other temporary zones are implemented as needed on a daily basis.
  • Two-way traffic will be maintained always.

Warrensville Road Widening (Miles to Emery):

  • Continue layout and construction of drainage conduits, manholes, and catch basins be placement of 9” reinforced concrete, and new driveway apron for main entrance to the Amazon Facility.
  • Warrensville/Emery; Emery/Jack Casino, Emery/Northfield; Northfield/Amazon Drive 6; and Northfield/Miles Rd. Intersection:
  • Continue excavation and placement of various diameter rigid conduits, pull-boxes, and power services for signalization upgrades.
  • Emery Road/Jack Casino (Drive 3) Intersection:
  • Begin layout excavation and construction of proposed concrete drive apron, intersection radii and ADA curb ramps.

May, 2018

  • Terrace Construction has successfully completed the installation of twenty concrete signal support foundations for traffic signal upgraded at the following intersections; Warrensville Center Drive, Warrensville @ Emery, Emery Road Drive, Emery @ Northfield, Northfield Drive and Northfield @ Miles Rd.

    Work expected in the upcoming weeks will include:
  • Begin layout and construction of underground drainage conduits and structures.
  • Jacking/drilling and excavation for various diameter rigid conduits for signalization
  • Upgrades at all intersections and drives.
  • Begin layout excavation and construction of proposed right turn lanes located at Drive 6 on Warrensville Center Road.